UK Sponsorship Visa Requirements For Employers

If you wish to hire someone from overseas, you or your business must be licensed sponsor. In order to become a licensed sponsor you must meet the following basic requirements:-

  • You must be registered as an actual organisation, such as a corporation or a limited liability partnership. The same rules apply if you are sole trader.
  • It is also necessary that you are working in the UK legally without ever having displayed evidence of any threat to the UK immigration control in the past, such as having violated Immigration policies.
  • For handling immigration related roles you must nominate at least three staff members to handle all matters related to the UK sponsorship Visa for Employers. These staff members must include:-
        • An authorisation officer:-
          • This role is taken up by a staff member of the business who wishes to employ migrant workers. Since the authorization officer is ultimately responsible for all matters relating to the UK Sponsorship Visa for Employers, he/she must be a competent senior employee from within the business.
          • It is essential that this role is given to a fulltime paid employee of the firm, rather than an outside consultant. Legal representatives do not qualify as authorisation officers.
  • A Key Contact.
    • All correspondence between the business and the Home Office is to be carried out by the key contact. All communication of information, queries and documentation related to the UK Sponsorship Visa for Employers with the Home Office is carried out through the key contact. The Key contact may be an individual or firm from outside your company.
    • Level 1 User.
      • The Level 1 User is responsible for using the Home Office Sponsorship Management System to maintain records of all employed immigrants on a daily basis. These may include:-
        • Assigning sponsorship certificates to migrants.
        • Informing the Home Office regarding changes, if any.
        • Reporting the activity of migrants.
        • Handling administrative duties of the Sponsorship Management System.
      • The Level 1 User may be an individual or firm from outside your company.
    • You will need to fulfil all necessary requirements as a sponsor and provide all requested documents to the Home Office.


You may get in touch with our experts at ICS Legal  UK to act as a Level 1 User or even A Key Contact for your firm. For more information regarding theUK Sponsorship Visa for Employers,youare more than welcome to contact us by phone on 01204 221111 or email