Tier 2 (General): sponsors of shortage occupations – digital technology workers

The shortage occupations listed in Appendix K of the Immigration Rules on GOV.UK include 4 digital technology jobs for sponsors who meet certain requirements and where the role requires a certain level of experience.

There is a pre-clearance process to ensure that you meet these requirements before you can sponsor a shortage occupation digital technology worker.

Information on the requirements for both you as the sponsor, and the role you wish to fill with a sponsored Tier 2 migrant can be found in Appendix K.

You must complete the ‘Reasons required’ section on the Tier 2 (General) certificate of sponsorship (CoS) request screen to request consideration for sponsoring a migrant as a digital technology worker in a job as a shortage occupation, and provide the extra information from Appendix A of the guidance for sponsors for this assessment. Sponsors who do not meet the requirements can still sponsor individuals in these roles as non-shortage occupations, after completing a resident labour market test.